Installing Raspbian OS

The minimum size for Raspbian OS is 4GB and is generally downloaded from before being installed to an SD card.


In order to prepare the SD card for installation from a Windows platform, download the following software

  1. Extract the files to a folder of your choice
  2. Eject any devices or storage media
  3. Insert your chosen media
  4. Right click fedora-arm-installer.exe and select Run as Administrator
  5. Select your source image (downloaded from raspberypi)
  6. Select destination (ensuring it is correct as it will format it)
  7. Click Install (this may take a while)


A shell script is available to prepare the SD card from

  1. Extract the files to a folder called Raspberry-PI-SD-Installer-OS-X-master
  2. Move the image file downloaded from raspberrypi to the folder specified in point 1.
  3. Open Terminal type cd and the full folder path of Raspberry-PI-SD-Installer-OS-X-master
  4. Eject any devices or storage media
  5. Type sudo ./install *name of file*.img and enter the Mac password
  6. Enter the number relating to the installation device

Your SD card should now be ready for running of setup here


Patching Shellshock – Mac

In the event that you discover your Mac is vulnerable to Shellshock, the following action should be taken.

To check whether you are vulnerable see Identifying Shellshock for full details on how to identify it.

Is my processor x32 or x64 bit – Mac OSX

Open the Applications folder or navigate to where Terminal is and allow it to run, then type uname -a and see what it produces. If you are presented with

.. /RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

then you have a processor capable of both x32 and x64 bit operation, if however you are met with

.. /RELEASE_I386 i386

then you are limited to x32 bit functionality.

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